The Ember Story

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Our people make us who we are


We’re instigators. Fire starters. Fact finders.  We challenge the status quo.  We’re creatively savvy and strategically solid.  We’re your clever and bright inferno committed to delivering unrivaled experiences.

Since its beginning, Ember has been guided by the belief that when people come together, great things can happen. That certainly proved to be the case in 2008 when Chris Gasbarro, a former chapter president of Meeting Professionals International, and Kathy Del Medico, a former International board member of the International Live Events Association, came together to launch Ember−the world’s first gathering agency.

Along the way, they would grow in excitement and size, make lots of mistakes, learn, make more mistakes and plan amazing gatherings around the world. From shutting down Wall Street for an IPO, to partnering with Taylor Swift and Keds for the launch of a signature tour shoe, to luring Wolverine Worldwide, one of the world’s largest footwear companies, Ember continues to transform and elevate the experience of people coming together.

While Chris is known for his energy, humor and creativity, Kathy brings proven operations and logistical experience to the now 17-person, award-winning agency based in the seaside city of Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Ember was born from our passion for gatherings. Gatherings are the campfires around which we collaborate and share stories, the symbolic bonfires that build meaningful connections and strengthen bonds. We see ourselves as the flame-keepers, drawing on our expertise to bring brand culture to life through inspiring experiences that do more than engage−they ignite brand fire.
— Chris Gasbarro, Owner & President, ember
There’s a big difference between an event and a ‘gathering.’ We understood that difference when we launched Ember ten years ago. If you want to bring people together, put on an event; if you want to build meaningful, inspired connections that spotlight your brand’s promise and business objectives, ‘gather’ with us. Where embers ignite, meaningful connections burn bright.
— Kathy Del Medico, Owner & VP of Projects, ember