Welcome to Ember

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we believe in the transformative power of people coming together. As a boutique event agency, WE UNITE PEOPLE, COMPANIES AND IDEAs through extraordinary gatherings that ignite brand fire. 



when people come together, 


Our passion is to craft and deliver best-event moments, the kind of unforgettable moments that live on with your guests long after the gathering is over. Creating that lasting impression through innovative and inspired experiences takes a little bit of extra–but it’s the big difference between the ordinary and the extra-ordinary that powers Ember to build meaningful connections for your brand. 

We hold true that a “gathering” creates a powerful opportunity for your brand’s PEOPLE, PERFORMANCE AND PURPOSE to burn bright.

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The Three Sparks That Set Us Apart

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STRATEGY – Gather the fuel

Whether it’s to deepen a team bond, enhance a customer’s perception or motivate the sales team, we listen to you so we can understand the purpose of your gathering. Together we kindle the thought-provoking strategy to strengthen your message at all touch points.


CREATIVE – Ignite the fire

Our talented and dedicated team of designers will harmonize the strategy with clearly thought out creative that is  beyond the ordinary event to produce an exceptional, memorable gathering.

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EXECUTION – Bask in the glow

We can talk about the many innovative ways to make an event truly memorable and valuable. But in the end, if the basics of event execution are missing, the rest is forgotten. No one will remember the powerful speakers and amazing receptions if the event is unorganized, running late, or misdirected. Ember is your first line of offense to ensure flawless execution!


We are a curious crew of talented planners, producers, artists, and “gatherers” who are inspired to create the unique experiences that connect your brand with the people that mean the most to you–your employees, colleagues, partners and consumers.