The New Kid on the Block

By: Mindy Wright 

Growing up, I loved boybands - My favorite being New Kids On The Block. And although as a young girl I dreamt of being on stage with NKOTB, the thought of being the “New Kid On The Block” at a new office was intimidating. After ten years of growing at my previous company, I was nervous to see what another office would be like. At my last job, I started as an intern - or 'Mintern' as they called me - and worked my way up to veteran status. I wasn't stepping into Ember as an intern, yet I still felt like the rookie. However, the benefit of being a rookie is that you have the opportunity to learn and continue to grow professionally and personally.  At Ember, I'm making sure I take advantage of that and will embrace my rookie status! 

So, my rookie year has begun: My computer is on, my schedule is full of onboarding 101 classes, Basecamp notifications are popping up and they have even given me keys to the office (woohoo!).  I am appreciative of the process and the time the team is taking to educate me on how we do what we do.  It is the attention to detail, the thoughtfulness, the passion, the creativity and the collaboration that brought me here. The team treats each brand as if it is their own and therefore are a valuable extension of each brand.   

As I drive into Newburyport each day and walk up to the office, I find myself feeling energized and excited as I open the door. I don't know exactly what the day is going to bring for me, which, if I'm being completely honest, is part of the fun. I do know that it is going to be a great day because of the team and the passion that runs through the building.  I remind myself to learn something new, think outside the box, ask questions (lots of them) and have fun.  I am excited to be on this journey with Ember creating extraordinary and unique gatherings for some of the best brands in the world. 

Chris Gasbarro