The GRACE Award: A round-trip flight and dinner, anywhere.

We are very focused on team at Ember, and very much on individual growth.  

Since day one, when we were three people, we recognized that if Ember was going to thrive, we needed someone we could trust, be vulnerable with and to prioritize our development.  That person is Grace Andrews, our magician/therapist who has become part of our DNA and is an immeasurable team member.

It’s fitting as we approach 10 years of business, we wanted to create an award that recognizes individual achievement and growth, and to name it after her.  So, we created an award in her spirit, a gesture to her behavior, to her commitment and passion(s).

Given annually at our ALIGN event, the award recognizes an Ember team member that exemplifies the following:

  • Leans into discomfort
  • Uses the tools Grace has empowered them with
  • Shows professional AND personal growth
  • Impacts Ember in a way that is powerful and unique

Now, we couldn’t just give any award, it needs to be special, much like Grace.  So when we think of Grace, we think of a couple things:  She loves to travel, has a passion for amazing food...and exceptional Chardonnay. More importantly, she teaches us how to be present in the moment with someone you love.

So what does the GRACE award winner get?  Well, based on the above, and our want to create and establish an award that was unique - just like us :) - The winner gets to have dinner ANYWHERE in the world with someone special to them (partner, spouse, best friend, mother, Ember owner, anyone). The only requirement of the award is that you have to text a picture during your dinner to Grace, Kathy and Chris.


Chris Gasbarro