Light up!

We’re 11!

Last year was a BIG birthday for us. Turning 10 was a major milestone, but that doesn’t mean that turning 11 was any less special. This year we celebrated new team members, new accomplishments, new goals, and all of the things that light us up.

Going into 2019 ember entered somewhat of a reset to clear our minds of the chaos that is life and event planning. With this reset we decided on a theme: Light Up!

This theme comes in to play with our company values:

· Live to gather

· Approach things creatively

· Show everything

· Be you!

· Invite challenges…Provide solutions

· Celebrate!

On our 11th birthday we closed our doors for 24 hours in order to celebrate all of the things, personal and professional, that light us up. From giving back to Korean BBQ and everything in between, this birthday celebration was a roller coaster (like the best one you’ve been on). We kicked off the celebration by volunteering at none other than Gather, an agency committed to ending local hunger through collaboration and leadership. We tried our hand at calligraphy, explored a secret bar, sipped on custom ember cocktails and of course spent some time on the water.

At the end of the day our most important inventory, we don’t have shelves or warehouses we have you guys, and we just want to say thank you to all of you for being here
— Chris Gasbarro

We love to gather, we love our team, and we loved celebrating in Portland, Maine!

Mindy Wright